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About the Book

Jon Riddle - June 30th, 2010

When it comes to cycling, Los Angeles has great riches: from breezy paths on flat, palm-studded beaches to spectacular canyons, glamorous movie-star enclaves and car free bikeways along inland rivers and arroyos. And the city’s bicycle infrastructure is growing rapidly, with new bike lanes and designated paths coming on line every year. LA offers something for every cyclist in the incredible diversity of its landscapes, terrain, microclimates, neighborhoods, cultures, landmarks, and cuisines. But perhaps best of all is its perpetual sunshine. Here, in LA, we can ride just about every day of the year.
So, what are you waiting for? Hop on your bike, or rent one, (don’t forget to buckle a helmet onto that precious head of yours) and, as we say in Spanish, vaya, vaya (go, go)! We’ll take you on great adventures—let Where to Bike Los Angeles be your guide.
The book is aimed at recreational cyclists (including families with children) looking for outings and for mature cyclists in search of fitness and enjoyment. Where to Bike Los Angeles will feature approximately 50 recreational rides for adults and 30 safe, fun ones for young kids.
Each ride, graded from one to five stars in difficulty, will be presented with a detailed, full-color map and an altitude profile showing all the hills. Every ride summary will also include a precise log (making sure you don’t miss a turn), with essential facts and insider info about the area, as well as tips about snack stops, restaurants, restrooms, side trips and even reaching the starting point.
Authors Sarah Amelar and Jon Riddle are personally surveying every ride on their bicycles, using a Garmin GPS unit to collect data for the mapping and altitude profiles. They have also been on the lookout for all the fun and surprising diversions you’ll want to experience on these rides. They’ll let you know about historic and scenic points of interest, hidden curiosities, the best swimming spots, plus one-of-a-kind cafés, ice cream parlors, and other enticing watering holes en route.
Before publication, Where to Bike Los Angeles, will hold a Photo Competition, with cash prizes, for photos entered by you, the riders. The winning images will appear in the book.  So, stay tuned to this site for regular updates, details on the Photo Competition and the continual stream of new images contending for the top prizes.